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Take charge of your tile project and unleash your DIY skills with confidence! Tiling made easy with Tile Power’s expert advice, quality products, and support every step of the way. Get ready to create stunning spaces on your own terms and turn your vision into reality. Embrace the satisfaction of DIY tiling with Tile Power, your trusted partner in achieving professional results.

Tile Powers complete DIY Guide

A list of everything included in our guide

2 / 2 Unleash your inner DIY enthusiast and take on the tiling challenge with confidence! Discover the satisfaction of doing it yourself and create a stunning space with our comprehensive range of tiles and expert tips to guide you every step of the way. Embark on your tiling project today and bring your vision to life with ease, thanks to Tile Power's support for all your DIY endeavors.


Common types of Tiles

Tile Power is here to help

Before selecting the tiles for your new tiling project or installation, it first helps to understand the different types of tiles available in the marketplace. This downloadable PDf details the main types of tiles available in the market today.


Polished Porcelain Guide

Understanding Polished Porcelain

If you are considering a polished porcelain tile for your installation this guide will assist you with an introduction to understanding polished porcelain and what you can expect from these beautiful tiles. For more info, see your local Tile Power store.


Tiling handy hints

Helpful tips and hints.

Those of you who are handy with the tools and want to give tiling a try, this downloadable PDF offers great general tips from the industry's best. In addition to this, your local Tile Power professional can offer specific advice for your installation project.


Tile Cutting Guide

Tile Cutting tools and needs.

DIY tiling projects require cutting and this becomes easy once you understand how to perform the cuts and the tools you need. The downloadable PDF will guide you through the basics of performing the cuts as well as the required tools for the job.


Tile Adhesives

Importance of a quality tile adhesive

All too commonly most people don't understand the importance of a quality tile adhesive. In this downloadable PDF we discuss the finer points of tile adhesives and what you as the consumer needs to know about the subject.


Stain Removal Guide

Trying to remove a stain?

Have you tried to remove a stain and been unsuccessful? Or do you simply use the same cleaner for all of your cleaning and stain removal? In this downloadable PDF, we discuss how to best tackle stain removal techniques.


Tile Terms

Understanding Tile Terms

When purchasing your new tiles industry jargon can be confusing. This downloadable PDF will give you a good understanding of the terms used in the tile industry and what they mean.


Tile Sealing Guide

Looking to seal your tiles?

Do I need to seal my tiles? This is one of the most misunderstood areas of new tile installation. In this downloadable PDF we discuss the different categories of tiles and their general requirements for sealing.