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Tile Power Limited is an Australian owned professional buying group for independant tile merchants.

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Tile Power Limited is the authority when it comes to ceramic or porcelain wall and floor tiles in Australia. We have been part of the tile industry, both locally and internationally for the better part of four decades as a formalised group (since 1987), however many of the individual directors within Tile Power Limited itself have been operating in the tile industry for much longer than that and have helped shape and nurture the direction of industry practices to how they are now in modern Australia. With a modest industry group that holds such a long and colourful history, deep tile industry influence and experience, our humble beginnings seem like a distant but very much cherished memory.

Tile Power Limited is a leading authority in the ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tile industry in Australia.

With almost four decades of experience, Tile Power has shaped industry practices and offers a wide range of premium quality tiles and expert advice. Their network of 22 retail locations across NSW and the ACT, provides exclusive products at competitive prices. Tile Power is trusted for their exceptional service and extensive knowledge. They continue to be a trusted and respected brand in the Australian tile industry.

Over 40 years of trade


We help businesses and individuals navigate the complex world of finance.

This formation of Tile Power Limited was by a small group of like-minded tile merchants who had vast amounts of industry experience and who recognised that there should be a better way for them to get premium quality tiles, the best of tile adhesives and superior skilled services to their valued clientele. Many of these tile business owners were also heavily entrenched within key industry bodies such as the Ceramic Wall and Floor Association. This was the governing industry body in the late 80's which set basic guidelines for retailers and offered solutions for industry problems. With all their knowledge and industry power pooled together, this small group of tile industry pioneers discussed how to formalise a structure which would provide a better way to deal with suppliers and manufacturers locally and internationally. By combining their resources, this group increased their buying power, which enabled the individual stores within the group to gain better pricing, purchasing conditions and exclusivity to a whole range of products to which they were then able to pass on to their clientele. Moving on, this small group became known as the industry licensed buying group ‘Tile Power Limited’. The following decade saw an explosion of independent tile merchants realising the benefits of Tile Power Limited and wanting to join the group as well and as the membership numbers rose, this solidified the brand and Tile Power Limited became an industry force to reckon with.

In the last 40 years the goal of Tile Power Limited has been to create an environment where the individual tile merchant has the ability to harness large scale volume buying with the support and structure of being part of a larger and family oriented network. These pricing benefits and deep pool of industry knowledge ultimately benefit the consumer as more and more premium exclusive ranges, custom branded products and accessories become available at industry competitive pricing. The dedicated staff throughout the entire Tile Power network are well trained and on track to provide the Australian community with the best service, products and advice the tile industry can offer. Now a network of 22 independent retail locations across greater NSW and ACT. Tile Power Limited is a well-known and very much trusted brand in Australia. All your local Tile Power professionals offer a premium range of exclusive ceramic or porcelain wall and floor tiles, expert technical assistance and advice with a depth of knowledge and practical experience that is unmatched. With the many decades of building our solid foundation in all areas of tiling, you know you can trust your local Tile Power professional, that’s why we say at Tile Power – 'We know our trade'.