Climb - Premium Stonework

We are pleased to present the latest release from one of Italy’s finest design houses, Del Conca. Climb takes its inspiration from the multicoloured aged rooftops of northern Italy which have been subject to many years of exposure to the sun, wind, rain and snow. This amazing collection uses the latest technologies to create an almost endless mixture of tones and designs allowing designers an amazing palette to work with in all residential and commercial applications. Climb has a truly luxurious stone effect surface texture which will imbue any setting with an evocative atmosphere.

Exclusive to Tile Power Limited, check out Climb at your local store.

Climb is available in 4 colours, cushioned edge 800x400, R10

Blackboard, the Designer Collection

The latest release from the design vaults of the renowned Italian manufacturer Cerdisa. We are pleased to introduce you to the Black Board Collection. Blackboard takes its inspiration from the power and timeless beauty of Slate, bringing all the character of age old stone into your installation and creating a modern, high performance surface with a contemporary flair. With over 30 varying face designs per colour, this high variation styling faithfully recreates the beauty and natural difference of stone from piece to piece. The Blackboard series will add elegance and style to any tiling installation with the quality of premium Italian porcelain in both commercial or domestic applications. These beautiful full bodied tiles will be the highlight of your project.

The Blackboard is available in 4 colours, 2 sizes - 300 x 600  +  600 x 600, rectified edge -  internal R10 and External R11.

Artica Roc - High Fashion Stone

From the quality production lines of the Saime Factory in Italy, Italian designers and stylists are working hard every to create the next cutting edge range that set the trends for the international stage. One of these ranges developed is the "Artica Rock' now exclusive to Tile Power Limited. Under special arrangement we have access to this gorgeous range of vitrified full colour bodied tiles which have been styled to replicate the beautiful glitz and glamour of the most sought after natural stone types in the world. This range will boost the appeal of any new installation or take an existing project to a whole new level.

Available in 3 colours, cushioned edge design with over 30 print variations in the set. Slip Rated (Wet Pendulum W) - 300mm x 600mm sizing.

MonteVerde - High Definition Timber

Tile Power Limited is proud to introduce the MonteVerde series, a breakthrough in timber replication technology from Italian Powerhouse Del Conca.

This premium range of timber look tiles uses state of the art high definition imaging to create an extremely detailed and authentic looking product that exhibits a high variation print design and rich colour depth. The range also exhibits subtle surface texturing and movement to faithfully replicate the undulating nature of Italian Hardwood processing and finishing. The MonteVerde series is a true advancement in timber tiles and is a range surely not to be missed. Available in 165mm x 1000mm cushioned edge, in 3 colours, in matching Internal and External R12.

Anthracite HNT 08 - New colour addition

HNT 08 Anthracite is an exciting new addition to the premium stone look range from Italian powerhouse Del Conca. This series faithfully replicates the beauty and high variation of natural quartz as well as the durability and strength.

A hugely popular series, the HNT range is a glazed external porcelain, which exhibits low maintenance and low slip properties. Perfect for high traffic areas outdoor and around wet areas in both domestic and commercial situations.

HNT 08 Anthracite is available in 300mm x 300mm, 300mm x 600mm and 600mm x 600mm Cushioned edge - R11 finish as well a a step tread and various decorator and feature wall options. Some lines may be special order.

Melbourne Conference 2015

Late February, Tile Power and supporting tile industry suppliers held their 2015 Conference in Melbourne.

This is a calendar event that the group very much looks forward to as an opportunity to discuss industry related matters as well as to review new products and techniques being used throughout Australia in tiling and construction.

The tile industry is changing at a rapid pace as we move forward to 2016 and for the Tile Power group, being on the cutting edge of new techniques and products can only help serve our clientele better. The team at Tile Power and our supporting industry partners working together hold an extremely deep knowledge pool of expertise and experience.

Collectively there's not much we don’t know when it comes to tiling and our industry.

New Life Member Inducted

For an industry group with a history as rich and colourful as Tile Powers', it is always hard for individual directors to stand out from the crowd.

With a family oriented culture that runs strong and the level of contribution that directors have put in over the last 3 decades, to achieve the coveted 'Lifetime Membership' is certainly a great honour within the group. This year that great honour went to our director at Tile Power Dubbo 'Wayne Stiles'.

As a long standing member, Wayne has continuously gone above and beyond for the Tile Power group and for the tile industry also. The Lifetime Membership recognises his efforts and contributions and his induction puts Wayne in a very unique group within Tile Power.

Only a total of 6 Lifetime Memberships have been awarded in the group's 30 year history. 

TAFE - Golden Trowel Awards

Any industry you are in will only ever be as good as the new blood coming through. The skill and enthusiasm of the younger generation that will one day lead the charge is of vital importance for any industry to thrive and be secure moving forward.

Tile Power has always held this ideal and as such the group has worked with Macquarie Fields TAFE in South Western Sydney for the better part of 15 years in assisting, supporting and sponsoring the training and grooming of the next generation of tilers. Apprentices all over Sydney and beyond are put through their paces and taught the fundamentals of what it is to be a skilled installer.

Also with assistance from the NSW government, the teachers at TAFE do an outstanding job with these students in making sure the knowledge and intricacies of the trade are passed on in the correct way. Once a year these skills are recognised at an awards ceremony call the Tile Power Golden Trowel Awards.

The top performers each year are awarded for their outstanding efforts in different categories. This is a great event which goes a long way to growing the confidence and skillset of our future tilers and also to strengthening the tiling industry.